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Stone Mountain, Georgia 2 comments

First, i received a letter from the national magazine exchange, telling me i was in the running for 1 Million dollars. Then they give you this song and dance about what would i do if i got the money and i told them (lik an ***). They lady laught when i told her i was a Christian and the first thing I'd do is to pay my tithe's. She said, "Ms. Darden, coming from a nice lady like you, i wouldn't be surprise if you got that million dollars (Right)! Anyway, she started offering me all these different magazines at $1.29 a week. She even told me there was no obligation in money so i didn't have anything to worry about. Then she started telling me about different offer's to Disney World and all the different restaurant's i coud go to. So, she then asked me if i still had my Visa card and i said yes/ But, i wonder how she knew i had a Visa. anyway, she asked me for the number of my card and swiftly said that i'd be paying $67.08 a month for 4 month's for my magazine's. So i said, i thought there were no obligations. She said, oh that was for the Disney trip. I gave her the card info, but in the back of my mine, i said to myself, "i'm being ripped off. She told me i had 30 day's to cancel. Which i plan on doing. But, will i get my $67.08 back.

BBB - what can you do, or what do i need to do. I'm on SS and i can't afford those payment's.

Please advise.

Betty Darden

44-691-3778 and/or

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Call your credit card company and tell them they scammed you after you call the company and cancel.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States #695161

Betty, my advice to you - no matter how good it sounds...never, never give your credit card number to anyone unless you are actually purchasing something which YOU initiated. Bless you! I hope you get your money back!

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